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SEO Performance Metrics that matter:

As you go on taking each step towards the goal, keep it very specific and measurable that gives you confidence of being on track. You can track the progress of your SEO with these quantifiable metrics.

These are all SEO metrics that you can use to monitor the effectiveness of the SEO campaign that is running. The more you track, the better and more complete the SEO is for your business. Two kinds of metrics you need to track on a daily basis:

1. Inbound: How many visits? How long do they stay? Are they returning to you?
2. Outbound: The metrics you track include the number of backlinks, the position of each backlink, and the source of these back links.

Here are some of the most important SEO performance metrics for your success:

1. Organic Traffic

The traffic comes to your website through various sources. You can look at the number of users visited the website through the sources we worked upon like

  • The Organic Searches- Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc.
  • Referrals- Sites where we build the backlinks

We conduct the audit of your website to understand the gaps, we perform Competitors Analysis of your top competitors to understand the industry standards and user behavior of the prospects.

You can track the Organic Traffic growth by visiting:

Google Analytics > Acquisition > Traffic Acquisition

2. CTR

Once a page or pages of your website is discoverable for the search engines, the CTR indicates how effective the website is to grab the users’ attention on the search results page. CTR is produced when they click and visit your site.

We optimize the Title and Meta description with precise information that is relevant for the user searching for that particular keyword. While writing the Title and Description that appears in the search result, we work on the intent behind the search term.

As the CTR keeps improving, the website ranks at a better position for the relevant keywords each time.

Clicks / Impressions = CTR

3. Bounce Rate

Bounce is called a single page session. That means if a user lands on a page of your website and leaves directly from there without visiting the other pages. 

Bounce Rate has a significance in SEO. It’s considered that the user couldn’t find the website and the content useful as per his expectation while clicking the page link from the Google Search.

We optimize the content & flow of your website so that the website forms a thick web within itself. We keep all the pages tied strongly with each other so that the user is led to navigate to the next page.

This strategy of ours not only reduces the Bounce Rate but increases the Avg Time Spent by each user on your website.

40% to 55% is considered to be a good bounce rate. The minimum is better.

No of single-page session / Total sessions on the site = Bounce Rate

4. Target Keywords Rank

Is your website ranking for those keywords that best define your business, when searched by the prospects?

We perform a deep Keyword Research and select a list of such keywords. We optimize them so that your website ranks higher on Google Search above the competitors and grab the relevant traffic that will convert into your customers.

This metric is seen by using a monitoring tool like SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc. You can track the change in the position of a specific keyword over a given period of time.

5. Number of Backlinks

Backlinks are the incoming links to your sites from the other sites over the web. These incoming links bring traffic from different places and along with the traffic they bring in the authority. The more credible domains point towards your website, the more is the authority that your website gains.

The number of the backlinks can be tracked through any Backlink Checker available free or with subscription tools.

We conduct a thorough analysis of where your prospects spend time online. We give them the relevant information they’re looking for and bring them to your website.

6. Domain Authority Score

DA score is the ability of a website to rank on Google Searches. The more is the DA score, the website is more likely to rank higher.

Website’s DA score is earned through link-building. When a particular backlink takes a user from one page to the other, that passes an amount of authority too. 

We strategize the link building activities in such a way that ensures to obtain the Link Juice from relevant and high authority pages so that it contributes vitally to gain a good DA score for your website.

DA score between 40 to 50 and 50 to 60 is considered to be average and good, respectively.

You can get this by using Authority Checker or the Site Audit tools.

7. Page Loading Speed

Page speed cannot be overlooked while optimizing a website for SEO. The user experience matters not only for the website rank but for the conversion optimization also.

Many times, it has been found that users have left a site and clicked on another site in the Google search result if the former was not loaded within 4 seconds. Hence its highly recommended to keep your webpage loading speed below 4 seconds across devices.

Tools like Google’s Website Performance Test, SEO Audit Tools, PageSpeed Insights give a fair idea on how fast your webpage loads and recommendations to rectify associated problems that might help improve the page loading speed.

8. Conversions

A Conversion can be any action that you want the users to take on a particular page. That can be navigating to another page, watching a video, filling a contact form, subscribing to a content, registering for an event, etc.

Since they are important to your business, we optimize your site content and flow to lead the users to take the desired actions. 

To set up goals in Google Analytics, Visit:

Conversions > All Events 


Tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and HubSpot may help you measure these website metrics on a regular basis, while tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc can tell you how you are compared to your competitors online. 

When analyzing competitors’ websites for on-page and off-page strategies and drawing inspiration from them, always prioritise relevance.

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