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Users search on internet with numerous intentions, like a platform of -

Getting information about something that they don’t know at all or learn more details.
Researching about a company, college/ university, hospital, chemist, salon, bakery or other services that they use daily.
Looking for resources like eCommerce sites, physical or digital marketplaces, review sites, online directories or a particular website. Buying online or finding physical stores or service providers.
You can talk to them before they even make a purchase decision.

There are different needs for different people. Now think about being there for your prospects in every need of theirs with your message.

They may not every time buy something from you but this way you’ll build that relationship and they become loyal to your brand. In the long term such an audience not only generates revenue but spreads word of mouth which gives you the most qualified leads.

Content is the Hero of B2B Inbound Marketing Strategy. It plays a vital role throughout the buyers’ journey from attracting to engaging to taking a decision. Different kinds of massaging works the best for different user intents.

Our Content Marketing strategy has two phases:


In this phase we conduct market research and competitor analysis to understand your industry trends and user behavior.
In addition to that we make a list of opportunities that will strengthen your content strategy.

We perform a thorough content audit of your website leveraging our advanced machine learning tools and create a plan to ensure the content is talking for your business and helping the prospects with the necessary information at the right time of their need.


Content Marketing is all about being present at the right time, at the right place with the right message.

You are producing a lot of quality content and publishing on your website.
Is that enough?

Not Really!

Being present wherever your prospects are looking for the content is equally important as producing useful content.

We go beyond your website to publish the content. Some examples are, Social Media, Forums & Communities, Review Sites, Free Publications, Blog Sites, Influencers Content and more. This way we expand the reach of your content and grow your business audience.

Such content if given free, will be consumed again and again that help ranking better and ultimately bagging quality Inbound Leads.

How will you measure the success of your Content Marketing?

Metrics that matter

1. Top Pages

Top pages give accurate insights about which content of your website is consumed by the visitors.

Those pages which are not preferred by the users, need to be worked on. We find and work on the gaps by our continuous research.

Keeping content up to date that gives deep and crisp knowledge to the page visitors is chosen over the pages which give random and shallow information.

Top Pages can be viewed by any SEO Monitoring tool that is paid or available for free.

2. Conversion Metrics

You have already defined the actions taken by users while on your website. They should be led to take these desired actions.

We optimize the flow of your content and website to improve the Conversion Rate. A dedicated effort is taken to direct the users to click upon a particular button on the website by means of strong CTAs.

Apart from these direct CTAs there are a number of messages provided within the page content that work ultimately as CTAs.
This strategy collectively is known as Conversion Rate Optimization.

To track the Conversions in Google Analytics, visit: Engagements > Conversions

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More about our Content Marketing expertise

We provide a spread of content marketing services at Ecstasie to assist you get the foremost out of your website, blog, social media, and marketing efforts. Our team of professional writers, editors, and designers can assist you in developing high-quality content that may captivate your audience and generate traffic to your website. We are able to also assist you with the creation of advertisements, video scripts, case studies, infographics, and email content.

Copywriters understand the way to produce compelling content that persuades people to get what you're offering. they will also assist you with creating engaging films, case studies, infographics, and email content that may convert your audience.

It might be difficult to come back up with useful and appealing content for commercials, sales sites, social media, and email. A competent copywriter can help with this. We will assist you in developing material that promotes your product or service without coming off as aggressive or spammy.

Tips on a way to create a successful marketing campaign.

Websites, blogs, social media, and marketing initiatives don't have a one-size-fits-all solution. What works for one business might not be suitable for an additional. However, there are certain fundamental guidelines which may assist you in developing effective marketing efforts.

1. Know who your target market is.
First and foremost, keep your target market in mind. What are their passions and requirements? As a result of your marketing effort, what does one want people to do? Knowing this, permits you to create content and advertising on various platforms which will appeal to them.

2. Channels of distribution
Second, to achieve your target demographic, make certain to use a spread of selling platforms. they'll be natural, like SEO, social media postings, guest blogs, and so on, or purchased, like advertisements and influencers.

3. The content's effectiveness
It's critical to contemplate what variety of materials are going to be most useful and entertaining to your audience while developing content. looking at your audience and aims, different types of content might serve different functions and be more or less effective.

4. The content's tone
It's critical to recollect the subsequent while writing commercials, sales copy, video scripts, case studies, infographics, and email content.

5. Who are you writing for, and who are you writing for?
a. Your objectives: what does one want to attain along with your content?
b. What is your brand's tone and style? How does one want your material to be perceived?
c. Will your material be within the type of a blog post, an infographic, a video, or something else?

Are you in need of website content, blog entries, social media postings, advertisements, video scripts, article writing, case studies, or infographic copy? You've arrived at the proper location! Material Marketing Services provides high-quality, original content to help you in meeting your marketing objectives at its best. Get in touch with us to get started!

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